DIY Microwave Crisps

I am trying to move to a more Zero Waste lifestyle, you never realise sometime how much we use us just not recycled because of the volume. I saw a recipe on Pinterest for microwave crisps which seemed simple enough and though I would give it a try.

I started with new potatoes as we don’t have a mandoline at my parents’ house (or I couldn’t find it) I had to use the slicing side of a cheese grater, this route resulted in me losing half a nail on my thumb as well as small cuts all over my fingers and hand, so let’s hope they taste nice once they are cooked. The end result was evenly sliced, which I was pretty happy with.

I would recommend using a mandoline if you have one

Once you have sliced as much potato as you want you place them in a bag with some oil, you don’t want to much or too little as this will cause you to have soggy crisps or they will be so fry that they stick to the try while cooking, seal the bag and make sure ever slice is covered.  

After I had coated all the slices, the recipe said to get a plate and wipe it down with oil place the potato on the plate trying not to let them overlap. Then I popped them in the microwave, the recipe says 3-5 minutes depending on the strength pf your microwave, I started on 3.5 minutes as I didn’t want them to burn.

I ended up cooking them for around 6-7 minutes total as I found they were taking a long time to ‘crisp’ up. I did 2 minute intervals of the microwave blasting them

My first batch!

Now to add some flavour, salt, chili or paprika. I am now good to go with my almost zero waste snack.

Another plus of these crisps is that they are cheaper than buying a multi pack although they are slightly time consuming, I would 100% make them again.

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